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Faculty members of St. Petersburg State University visited Frederick Community College (USA, Maryland).

For more than ten years, Frederick Community College has been collaborating with St. Petersburg State University in the field of social science. This year, the College representatives decided to consider the possibility of expanding contacts and implementing the new joint projects with the University. Professor Vladimir N. Baryshnikov and senior lecturer Nina E. Adamova were invited by Frederick Community College and Mount Saint Mary’s University to deliver public lectures on controversial issues of international relations and American history for the students and professors of the both institutions.

During the meeting of the representatives of St. Petersburg State University and the administration of Frederick Community College, there were suggested several joint projects, such as student exchange, joint conferences of early career researchers and optional online courses on American history. The Russian delegates had an opportunity to participate in the sample educational trip, which might be offered to the Russian students participating in the exchange program. During this trip, they visited the battlefields of the Civil War in Maryland and Pennsylvania, went to Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Richmond, Jamestown and Williamsburg.

“The College is headed by the President and consists of the departments, which actually implement all the work to be done. One of the Chairs of the departments, Professor of History Dr. Michael A. Powell (Department of Social Sciences) had initiated this meeting. Together, we have worked out the draft of supplementary agreement between the both institutions in the field of ‘History’. I hope that the proposed cooperation will develop in the same successful and fruitful manner as the project of the social scientists did, who have been cooperating with the College for thirteen years”, said Vladimir Baryshnikov. “The initiative in the field of history will promote the collaborative work between the social scientists and historians of St. Petersburg State University and the Frederick Community College in the United States.”

A visit to Washington during the inauguration of the President Donald Trump has become an additional advantage of the trip. Summing up the results of the negotiations, Vladimir Baryshnikov said he admired the inviting and hospitable atmosphere at the meetings. "It is very important that there is a mutual interest – it means that the results will follow".